Anna Ruohonen Concept

Service of made-to-measure on demand

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Anna Ruohonen collections follow the tradition of Finnish design; the forms are architectural, the cuts are considered, simplicity is intentional. Her ambition is to bring beauty to everyday life; with elegant, high quality clothing. 
Being destiny or a coincidence, living in Paris, has given to her style a touch of femininity and elegance. Together with minimalist and functional Scandinavian style of design, she creates a clothing line, that is strong, interesting, personal and recognizable.


As a designer Anna Ruohonen considers that a piece of clothing is not made just for one season, but rather it should be able to withstand time as a beautiful object. Ruohonen’s philosophy is specially reflected in her designs under the title “BLACK CLASSICS”, a timeless collection. This permanent collection is like an archive of the designer’s own favorite pieces, her own classics. Classic models that have mastered the seasons live on in eternal black, like the shadows of her main line. However these BLACK CLASSICS models can be ordered in seasons colours. 

“WHITE LABEL” is the seasonal collection, with wide range of colours and materials. The Collection that is exploring new shapes and fabrics. Best ideas, shapes will move to the black collection.


For Anna Ruohonen the inspiration for a collections often starts from the material. For her the extremely high quality fabrics are essential and the choice of material plays an important role in the design process. She draws a little, only some sketches for her self, but she rather works directly with the fabric and the shape simultaneously. She often lets the material decide for the form and the coincidence for the detail. She is like the artistic director following a natural process. In her final design decisions, however she is severe.


Knitwear plays an important role in the collection. Anna Ruohonen has a possibility to work with a small knitwear factory in Belgium. While reviving some traditional techniques, she is creating a modern and unique knitwear collection.
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Sustainable and ethical fashion.

Designer Anna Ruohonen's principal idea is to concentrate on the quality and to reduce the quantity; her concept is based on the idea of ecological responsibility. Her clothes are not made for just for one season, they endure time as beautiful objects. Timeless design combined with high quality materials and craftsmanship guarantees sustainable and ethical fashion. 

ANNA RUOHONEN White Label and Black Classics made-to- measure collections are crafted only on demand in our own atelier in Paris.

Ready-to-wear AR by ANNA RUOHONEN collection is hand-manufactured in small series in Finland. 

Anna Ruohonen's ambition is to bring beauty to everyday life; with locally produced elegant, well-cut, high quality clothing.

MISSION: Long lasting Design

I believe in design with a strong personal touch and vision. The seasonal trends are not my driving force. My clothing is neither in, nor out of fashion. My style is a result of an individual design process. High quality products with a strong idea of design stand up to the time. Creating aesthetic objects is our responsibility for our mutual visual environment. The heritage of Scandinavian design is to create beauty for everyday life.

STRATEGY: Production on demand

To my mind, ecological responsibility means that you concentrate on the quality and you reduce the quantity. I only do what is necessary. There are no unnecessary stocks or prototypes. We fabricate only once the clothing is ordered. There is no wasted clothing in wrong sizes or in wrong colours.

INVESTEMENT: respecting the client 

I believe in a human touch, personal service and flexibility. I am interested in the ways people are individual, personal and asymmetric. The clothes only come alive and find their final form once worn by somebody. Everyone is beautiful in her or his own way. What matters is the style, not the age nor the physique. Our clothing is adapted to the size of the client. Our sizes are individual and real, no standards, no vanity sizes. As we keep records on our clients, you can make new orders later on from where ever you find yourself that moment.

RESULT: intentional simplicity from uncompromising design

In a beautiful final product every tiny detail has found its place. It seems that the piece has always existed. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. 
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Anna Ruohonen

Born in Helsinki, Finland 1967, ANNA RUOHONEN is today a Paris-based fashion designer with a clothing label carrying her name, both for men and women. 
Anna Ruohonen has studied in several fashion schools in Europe, such as The Gerrit Rietveld Academie Amsterdam and the Utrecht University of the Arts in the Netherlands, The Institut Français de la Mode in Paris, and the University of Art and Design, Helsinki where she graduated in 1994 with a Master of Arts degree. 
After graduating Anna Ruohonen left Finland and settled in Paris. Before starting her own line in 1999 she has worked for Olivier Desforges, José Lévy à Paris and Martin Margiela
Beside her own collections she has been working on different design projects: she has designed jewellery for the Finnish Aarikka Company, fabrics and prints for several textile companies, costumes for film and theatre projects in France. 
Between 2010 and 2013, she collaborated with Nanso, Finnish ready-to-wear brand. She designed contemporary micro-collections for urban women - Nanso by Anna Ruohonen - before creating her own jersey collection AR by ANNA RUOHONEN. 
Her latest collaboration is with Finnish textile company Finlayson, to whom she has designed a home textile collection JF - name standing for James Finlayson, the founder of the company in 1820. The collection will be launched in stores in autumn 2016.