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Seasonal made-to-measure collection is produced locally in Paris from high quality materials on demand.

Collection contains total looks for women. Paris based production on demand is sustainable, ecological and ethic.

For the Designer Anna Ruohonen, the fabrics and materials provide guidance in the process of her creation and development of collections.

Silk, linen, and in general all beautiful, natural materials of noble character are her preference.

She prefers to work and shape the material directly on the mannequin as opposed to configuring new pieces by sketching. This allows for the fabric to often decide the shape. Details of the garment flow through a “natural” process. The observation and interaction between the textile and the body initiates a great reflection that presides over the various stages of creation

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The quality fabrics and precious details are equally characteristic of the work of Anna Ruohonen.

The collection is entirely made in France. The production is realized principally in Petite Maison de Couture, under the control of the designer.;

The production concept is based on semi-couture. The sample products are displayed in Petite Maison de Couture. Customer orders are made to order with the adjustments and changes needed to fit the client’s measurements and body. This is what is meant by semi-couture or the demi-mesure.

Due to this concept, it will take several days after oder until the garment is ready.

This process leads to an absence of stock but permits a variety of sizes.